My old enemy.
2010-08-24 @ 14:40:38
I present to you my old ememy - Mrs X.
Slim girl, brown eyes, brown, straight hair.Normal clothes. Not wise but not silly. Grey mouse. My old best friend. You ask why she is my enemy? And why old? (I know that you won't ask, but I like this sentence ;]) We quarrel in fifth class. I don't know about. In gimnasium she went to other class without her friends. One year has passed. I, (because I think that I am wise) apologized she (maybe her?()Mr Ł, my clever friend gave me that advice)
So now she isn't my ememy, but she isn't my friend. It is good situation for me. But she want rechange class. From her to my. I know why. Because she didn't find new friends! I went to class with old friends, but now I've got new too.
I want my class to get to like her.

You've got serious problems, I know.

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