" I can't belive , that we drinked my dad " - Due Date
2010-11-30 @ 14:55:58
Due Date
Peter Highman (Robert Downey Jr.)will be a father the first time . After the finish work trip, he decides to return home to confinement
child. But it isn't as easy as he thought. the plans will collapse , when he met aspiring actor - Ethan Tremblay'ego (Zach Galifianakis). He wants to be a star in Hollywood. Accidents, shootings, evil handicapped,
drugs, jail and sweet dog - is one of the many things that you can see in this film. Because sometimes such things are born friendship.
I say one thing, I was on this movie and you should too. Great comedy to grey day.!

Dictionary :
confinement - poród , narodziny
will collapse - legną w gruzach
aspiring - początkujący
accidents - wypadki
shootings - strzelaniny
drugs - narkotyki
jail - więzienie
handicapped - niepełnosprawny

Afraid to speak . : o
2010-11-28 @ 14:19:28

History of three families whose children are afraid to speak. They want to be like everyone
but one word cost them headache and sweating
hand . They are communication normaly in family but outside, not. Megan, Danielle and Red must fight with this phobia and speak to the people normaly . How to make it ? Watch it on planet .

Interviev with Red , she is writting :

- Can you spek ?
" Yes i can "
- So why don't you speak ?

This year's Christmas without Kevin.
2010-11-27 @ 13:00:15
Is already know that this year we won't see "Home Alone" on Polsat . For many people, and for me this is very bad news. Because Christmas without Kevin it's not Christmas.

Macaulay Culkin Carson which plays Kevin doesn't look so good , when he used to. But for many peole it stil this little boy, who insisted the mood in every Christmas.

But I think that many families will be watching it at home, so: I wish you nice watching :]
And for someone who does not see it ... This is probably not possible , so suppose that this was not. X DD

Dictionary :
insted the move - podkreślał nastrój
possible - możliwe
World Toilet Organisation , i mean WTO . X DD
2010-11-24 @ 21:14:42
Do you know that :
In November 19 we celebrate World Day of toilets.
What is the history of that ?
So , in 2001, Singapore was appointed the
World Toilet Organisation (WTO) , which fight for improve the standard of toilets . Organization founder Jack Sim organized the conference World Toilet Summit.Conferences such
took place in 2001 in Singapore, and then successively in Seoul (Korea
South - 2002), Taipei (Taiwan - 2003), Beijing (China - 2004) and
Belfast (Northern Ireland - 2005).


Dictionary :
appointed - powołana
improve - polepszyć
standart - standart
conferences - konferencje
Jokes . X DD
2010-11-21 @ 14:42:22
1 .Blonde comes to the pharmacy and looks around not sure. Finally, ask the pharmacist:
- Are there any pregnancy tests?
- Yes, they are.
- Are there any difficult questions ?

2 . Blonde calls to the police station and says:
- They stole my wheel, gas pedal and brake.
A few minutes later, the blonde calls back and says:
- False alarm , I sat in the back.

3 . Scientists have invented a machine that does Bzzzz when someone tells a lie.
Come three women: blonde, brunette and red.
Brunette enters the room in which the device and says:
- I think I'm beautiful - BZZZZZZZ !!!!!
Enters red :
- I think I'm smart - BZZZZZZ!!
Enter blonde:
- I think ... - Bzzzz!!

Dictionary :
prengnancy test - testy ciążowe
wheel - kierowica
gas pedal - pedał gazu
brake - hamulec

Ugh , never . ! * , *
2010-11-20 @ 19:36:33
I was so bored so I read something about strange foods . And I 'm realy want to write you some , becouse this is very intresting .
- pizza with chocolate
- earthworms learned from the tree trunk.
- monkey brain , still warm .I mean they take the monkey living and cut off her skull at the height of the forehead ... and eat the brains.
- lemon soup with duck heart
- Garlic ice cream
- Ice cream flavored with bacon and eggs
- Pickled brain Aries

Dictionary :
earthworms - dżdżownice
skull - czaszka
forehead - czoło
brain - mózg
flavored - grilowany
pickled - waszerowany .

Daniel . !! X DD
2010-11-18 @ 20:38:36
I'm so tired .! I have to read " Pan Tadeusz " for tommorow . Tell me " good luck " . : ]
I want to watch movie , and read abstract [ streszczenie ].
In monday , i found something intresting . Daniel from " HP " can sings " The elements " [ tablice mendelejewa ] . It is awsome . You have to watch this : http://www.filmweb.pl/video/klip/Daniel+Radcliffe+%C5%9Bpiewa+%22The+Elements%22-23582
Pff . : ] HP7 , it was awsome .!!
2010-11-17 @ 19:03:31
That were a very , very hard days . I'm so tired and i have a headache . Why ? Of cours becouse of school . : >>
I want to write something interesting , but i haven't any idea , what should i write . O . o
Oh , i know . Yeastarday i was on HP7 premiere .It was awsome . Hm , maby becouse this is my favorite film . X DD
So , if somebody want to go to this I say : You realy shuld . !!!!!
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