Weekand and the last airbender .
2010-10-30 @ 20:31:28
Weekand, finally. Today I didn't have any samples of dance, so I could lie quietly in bed. Now I have so many tests . But hold on bravely. Eh, even I have no idea what else to write. It might end up? Oh I know today I watched the "last Airbender," and if someone is interested I recommend. brilliant movie, but don't worry at first, becaus i don't understent it too.
Just Title .
2010-10-27 @ 18:42:36
So, today I had a test of English. Uh, was not as simple. But I hope that I wrote it well. And tomorrow test in physics.
Sorry , this is not enough? Well ,it's pretty good, isn't it ?
Sorry, but the previous video didn't work. As you click on it pass on youtube, and there you can watch this .
I'm so tired . I 've slept today just 5 h . It's too short for me . Mvah , mvah . If anyone have too much free time , give me some . : ]
Bu ...
2010-10-25 @ 19:47:43
I feel do tired , and i haven't any idea for this notes . So i just , sent you a song and you will watch this . Are you happy ? I hope that yes . sarcasm . XDD He he , have a nice evening . : ]

Robo Dance . X DD
2010-10-22 @ 16:57:06
Have you ever seen this ?
If know , you have to .!!
This is so great . : ]
Two guys , dance robo dance in DK talent .
So , what you are thinking about ?
Love this < 33
Enjoy me and this . : >>

Avery . : ]
2010-10-20 @ 22:10:27
She is so great . She has a beauitfull voice , and she is whole beautifull .Ha ha.: >>
She has more videos , where you can see she sings with cody simpson , or her music video .
So , enjoy this . X DD

And next video . : ]
2010-10-19 @ 22:15:02

This is an interview with the actors at twilight. Leads him really crazy girl. X DD
You may laugh, even if someone doesn't like twilight. I hope that
You like that. :>
Harry Potter , and puppet pals movie . X DD
2010-10-18 @ 19:43:27

Have you seen it yet ? If no , you have to .!
This is super . : >>
I like it so much .
What is this about ?
Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise, small puppet singing about mysterious ticking noise . You can see there , voldemort , hogwarts and naked Dumbledore . X DD
If you like in , just write me . I want to know what you are thinking about .
Thanks for reading .
Bosiaczek . : )
I'm bored . ; [
2010-10-16 @ 16:11:26
Help me . I'm so bored . I ' ve just came to home for the dancing lesson . And I 'll have a family party about 5 pm . Great *_* So I'm think that maby i should write here some kind of history . But , about what ? What you are doing when you are bored ? Hepl . XDD
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