Gabriela Kownacka . [ * ]
2010-12-02 @ 13:10:53
30 November 2010, known Polish actress - GK - died.
It is sad for many of us.
Why did this happen? in 2004, was diagnosed with breast cancer. On
late May and June 2008 there was a sudden relapse and state actress very health deteriorated. In March 2009, at the National Theatre held a charity concert, in which all income was spent the treatment of actresses .
November 30, 2010 died after six years of fighting cancer . [ * ]
If you wish, light a candle online in the comments.


mi , i mean bosiaczkowa.
GK - it's Gabriela Kownacka . : ]
me . !!
mi - me . i'm so stupid . O . o

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