" I can't belive , that we drinked my dad " - Due Date
2010-11-30 @ 14:55:58
Due Date
Peter Highman (Robert Downey Jr.)will be a father the first time . After the finish work trip, he decides to return home to confinement
child. But it isn't as easy as he thought. the plans will collapse , when he met aspiring actor - Ethan Tremblay'ego (Zach Galifianakis). He wants to be a star in Hollywood. Accidents, shootings, evil handicapped,
drugs, jail and sweet dog - is one of the many things that you can see in this film. Because sometimes such things are born friendship.
I say one thing, I was on this movie and you should too. Great comedy to grey day.!

Dictionary :
confinement - poród , narodziny
will collapse - legną w gruzach
aspiring - początkujący
accidents - wypadki
shootings - strzelaniny
drugs - narkotyki
jail - więzienie
handicapped - niepełnosprawny


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