I'm return .
2010-12-22 @ 14:08:25
I'm sorry, that i didn't write anything so long time . I was in hospital , so there were'nt any computers . Bu hu . : [
But now , I'm here and i have no idea what to write .
Today, it's 22.12. I can't wait , when christmas come . What about you ? Yeastarday I dressed christmas tree with my mum and sister . I have a lot of fun . : ]
Today, i dressed my christmes tree in my room. She isn't as tall as this is living room , but i have had her since i was 5 , so this is tradicion for me to dressed her in my room .
So , i'm waiting for christmas.

I like this video " 12 days of christmas by holiday stars " :

i think , that i'm ill : [
2010-12-13 @ 17:31:21
i want to write something intresting but i can't . i have a very big headache, stomachache and i feel sick. so , i'm sorry but for now i just can't write anything clever . sorry .
i show you this , and anything else for now .

My mayself and I .
2010-12-11 @ 15:52:31
I was sitting with my friend , in my room when she said : " Hey , i want to show you something on youtube " . I said : " no , no " but she did her bad face [ X DD ] , so i allowed her . She wrote in search " My , myself and I " and show me this


[ i'm sorry , that i don't get here video but i can't . i don't know why , but no . ]

Wow , i said that this is super , and I want to watch more videos with them . I think that they are great , and they could won " Mam talent " .
But they didn't , so ... I just can watch them and have fun . : ]

Thanks my friend , who show me this . < 33

Do you know that ...
2010-12-06 @ 22:31:02
I'm so bored . I have to go to school tommorow , like every day . It's so bored , isn't it ? So i want to do something , but I have no idea what . So I came here . Wow , and now I'm writting to you. Nice . So i was thinking what is the title of today's note . And you know now ? " Do you know that i have no idea what is the titl's name " XDD
I'm so so funny , aren't I ? X DD
Do you enjoy my blog .? Now I have 1127 statisics , and I'm so happy becous of that . I told it my every friend " Hey , hey listen I'v got ... statistics " . And they say " realy ? " . Łi .!
Thanks so much , everyobody who come hear and read this . Becous of you i come here every day , search new notes and write something . So maby you help me to get 2000 statistics and maby more. Who know , who know .

Title , and next Wednesday notes .
2010-12-02 @ 13:12:03
Listen . Yesterday I have read, that they will show to Kevin on Polsat in holiday. Polsat seeing our complaint etc. at the end say : okey . Łii !!
I'm so happy . What about you ?
Gabriela Kownacka . [ * ]
2010-12-02 @ 13:10:53
30 November 2010, known Polish actress - GK - died.
It is sad for many of us.
Why did this happen? in 2004, was diagnosed with breast cancer. On
late May and June 2008 there was a sudden relapse and state actress very health deteriorated. In March 2009, at the National Theatre held a charity concert, in which all income was spent the treatment of actresses .
November 30, 2010 died after six years of fighting cancer . [ * ]
If you wish, light a candle online in the comments.

" I can't belive , that we drinked my dad " - Due Date
2010-11-30 @ 14:55:58
Due Date
Peter Highman (Robert Downey Jr.)will be a father the first time . After the finish work trip, he decides to return home to confinement
child. But it isn't as easy as he thought. the plans will collapse , when he met aspiring actor - Ethan Tremblay'ego (Zach Galifianakis). He wants to be a star in Hollywood. Accidents, shootings, evil handicapped,
drugs, jail and sweet dog - is one of the many things that you can see in this film. Because sometimes such things are born friendship.
I say one thing, I was on this movie and you should too. Great comedy to grey day.!

Dictionary :
confinement - poród , narodziny
will collapse - legną w gruzach
aspiring - początkujący
accidents - wypadki
shootings - strzelaniny
drugs - narkotyki
jail - więzienie
handicapped - niepełnosprawny

Afraid to speak . : o
2010-11-28 @ 14:19:28

History of three families whose children are afraid to speak. They want to be like everyone
but one word cost them headache and sweating
hand . They are communication normaly in family but outside, not. Megan, Danielle and Red must fight with this phobia and speak to the people normaly . How to make it ? Watch it on planet .

Interviev with Red , she is writting :

- Can you spek ?
" Yes i can "
- So why don't you speak ?

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