If you want to know me better:)
2010-12-06 @ 22:16:11
If you want to know me better just listen Regina Spektor's song Fidelity :)
i love her and her songs !!
2010-12-06 @ 22:00:42
I just want to want to write a short note.
What happened today? Nothing special.
I got few marks, walked in snow, made a snow fight with my little brothers :)
Weather is beautiful. I love it.
Every time when i think about something sad i can look out of my window and find there hope.
Christmas is going! I can't wait!
Although i have to clean a lot before but it's kind of preparing.
Snow, snow and snow !
2010-10-19 @ 10:07:22
What should i write here ?
I don't know. I didn't eat dinner yesterday.
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