My new friends
2014-09-30 @ 22:20:13
In this year i went to high school. I met many new people. Whith a few made a friends. My new friends is:
-Michał "Son of priest"
-Mateusz "Doman" or "Dyman"
-Czarek "Lachowiak"
-Janusz "Dealer" "Jajek" or "Debil" :3
And more, more other...
My new nickname is "Wojman". I hate this pseudonym.
So well, that's all. New school is a lot of responsibility. I must be strong :D
The best decision ever
2014-05-23 @ 18:50:10
A year ago I started writing a diary. This was very good decision. Now, I can remember event year. This is great feeling. I know, when was my first kissing and when I first time sleep with girl.
I know, what I will must change. I can see how I develop.
My hobbies
2014-04-28 @ 19:25:08
I have many hobbies. I play on a guitar, but I don't like this metier. I more often solve the Rubik's cube. That is very easy. Just a few algorithms.
My new skill is juggle. I learned this week.
I like read. Once, I was writing a book. Unfortunately I wasn't ending it. Maybe I will write it in the future.
My life
2014-04-22 @ 14:06:07
My name is Krystian. I have 15 years old. I go to middle school.
I'm very intelligent. I'm genius.
I have a sister. I hate her. She is stupid and she persecutes me. I have also two brothers. They are good. My older brother is student. He is clever. My younger brother has ten years old.
My life is very boring.
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