27 Novemebr 2010
2010-11-27 @ 19:00:16
Hello. I have bad humour today. Everything is sucks. Life is unfair. I go to my friend, maybe she will raise my spirits. Bye.
21 November 2010
2010-11-21 @ 10:34:38
In the picture is my cake! :)
Yesterday was my birthday, so my homies came to me and was party! It was great. I got a lot of excellent presents. Unfortunately my best friend didn't was in the party, because she was on grandmothers' party (she has birthday on the same day as I), but Lidka will visit me today :)
Now I must do homeworks, and then I go to Poznań.
P.S. I found a great film on youtube XD

12 November 2010
2010-11-12 @ 09:58:45
Hi. Yesterday was Independence Day. I went in Poznań with my friends. We wanted see the concert of Electric Guitars, but it not as good as we thought. At 9 p.m. was fireworks show. It was great. I returned to home about 10 p.m.
6 November 2010
2010-11-06 @ 15:58:39
today my parents have 30th wedding anniversary. 30years together is really such a long time. My siblings and theirs partners are coming to us and will be party! :D
So i I go to help my mother in the kitchen.
1 November 2010
2010-11-01 @ 22:26:09
Hi, today I got up at nine o'clock, washed my hair and ate breakfast. Today is All Saints so I went to the cemeteries, visit my grandfathers. When I return to home, I watched film "Drumline" with my friend and then we went out. Now I'm watching film about ghosts but I'm sleepy so I go to bed.
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