the weather drives me crazy :)
2008-06-10 @ 15:16:13
I'm so happy the temperature's gonna get down tomorrow!!!!!! And I hope the forecast is realiable enough! One doesn't know how to dress up to survive these days, plus putting on make up got pointless more than about a week ago. One thing is to be sure of, the global warming puts it bluntly: you, people are gonna get fried! Aw,my! :O)

Today, I'm starting to set up my holiday which finally got it's definite shape. All of it working working working and generally thinking of getting myself ready for a real life. Of course I'm gonna be sorry I won't be leisuring even for a week, like most other people will or intend, at least at that point. I, myself went through too many ideas of this 3 hot months at my own disposal. In the end, I decided on the option that is called - thinking of myself. Of course, I'm sorry I won't go abroad :'( The good thing is, however, that i will see Dublin in October probably, which is gonna be my few days' recompensation. I mean, I hope I will. Anyways, I'm really going to make this little journey finally to visit my friend I haven't seen for some time. The thing is, I promised and the other thing is, I feel bad that i haven't done this yet. THe good aspect of it, is that not visiting him, I actually forced him to visit Poland soon. Still, I have to see Dublin and it's a must for the October!
The other imporatnt thing is that I'm moving out to live with my very best friend which is actually very exciting, really. ;)
It wasn't me, it wasn't him, it was life
2008-06-01 @ 19:13:50
I just turned on tv to check what's going on in there :) I don't really do it cause it's a waste of time. No matter what I wanna watch, either it's some business news,world issues or some more or less stupid movies, I get stuck and I can watch one after another The choice of the tv stations in innumerable so..
Anyways, I just turned it on for a while and came across the serial film my mother loves watching so bad. Actually, it's the "Life exam" so everybody knows it I guess.. So I turned it on when there was a scene of Mateusz Damiecki with some french girl speking in english. The chemistry was obvious between two of them. I don't follow this serial at all but didn't need to do this to know that in the "Life exam" Damięcki has a serious girlfriend he went through a lot with so ..I thought I was wrong about what I just though. But with the passage of time I found out I wasn't. Then, the scene in church with his own girl. They were just about to get married. And what then? - I thought. Of course, he didn't get married. He said: "I can't deceive you neither myself. It's been different here, in my heart for two days" So I thought.. wha? for two days? Crazy.. So I got online and checked who was that girl he was standing there at night on the street and who definitely wasn't his fiancee. I know, it's crazy! :)It came out anyways, that they had met each other some long time ago I guess. Apparently, they just met each other again and it came out there was still sth between them, with this don't-know-who's-this girl.
All this made me think for few minutes about this kind of issue. Sometimes, in life, we don't really know what to think of this kind of situations, or we do have some opinion untill we don't find in one, by ourselves.
Personally, I was a little bit confused, I mean.. this kind of situations happen in life all the time. Not everybody has enough courage to actually say to the bride that he can't marry her, because he's not able to deceive her though(we're not even talking about sex right now but something more, obviously).
Should we blame him for all this? Is this his fault? I mean, he has loved his fiance so what's going on? Do people realise in this kind of moments that there can be something more with some other person? THat would have to mean that we can never be sure of anything even in a love issue, right? Is everybody prone to that kind of situations or is this a case of a character or personality of the person? How can a person's heart change like this when he was suppose to be sure about everything. And maybe I should think the worst of the guy played by Mateusz Damiecki there,but I look up to him for he had enough courage to face the truth. It's so much better than to stay in a relationship just because it provides you with certainty and comfort. "It's nice to have someone who loves you, even if you don't really return those feelings" I once heard. THat is the favourite option of a person who doesn't really want to expose himself to a danger of being hurt. THat's kinda reasonable. What if he still doesn't really love her though and still keeps in touch with another girl who he really loves? Not too well.. Should we feel sorry for him if that sure-to-always-be girl suddenly's cheating on him? I guess not, he's got now what he deserves himself.
THe lesson is, I guess, don't act reasonable with your heart, cause you're gonna be left alone. Life is unfair only for those who are unfair towards life first...
That's all.
this magic .
2008-05-29 @ 17:13:41
I know I have a lot of stuff to do, I know I shouldn't really have gone anywhere but I had this inner urge that made me feel I had to break away for a while. The weather has been so great and after few months of waking up in the morning and then doing all the same things on and on, I felt like my brain was about to go crazy. A lot has changed this year and so I felt like I had to change something in myself as well. THat's why I spent my weekend in Austria which actually was the best thing I could do for myself.
First I went to see Vienna and the last 3 days I spent in Linz, where my best friend is staying actually. That was an amazing weekend, probably even better than any of my weekends of the whole last summer holiday.
First I fell in love in Vienna, which isn't that nice actually, cause it means that I would want to come back there soon.
The most important thing that happened at the weekend however is that I found this strenght I hadn't had for a very long time. I'm now strong enough to belive that I can do it, whatever it is; I don't have this stupid regrets about my past any more cause I suddenly don't care anymore. In fact, I'm tired of looking back on my life and when I got back from my little trip, I finally felt like I'm ready to clear things up.
Anyway - it's a little amazing how I had to find myself in a totally different place to see things in totally different colours. I am ready to look in the eyes of the devil now and feel like a totally different person with the same familiar devil next to me. Only the devil doesn't know the language I speak anymore and lost it's power to affect me back. I am ready for that and I can sleep well now.

not the second, not even the third part of my autobiography. some random post.
2008-05-17 @ 01:24:59
It's starting to be same mess on my blog as in my handbag. "you're a typical woman" - my friend always says, especially when we're just about to go out somewhere. Does it mean that women typically are messy creatures? Maybe not typically but typical kinds of them are, i guess.
Nonetheless, i've got a ready explanation for the mess i'm about to set up over here. Cause .. am.. there's this spring season.. which brings about all the messy atmosphere and stuff with it..
The everlasting truth about the season is that all the mess that has been brought into my life has begun in some seemingly innocent spring somehow. Should i hate springs therefore? hhaha! I love and hate them ;-) Above all, I love this beautiful season when all the life is waking up and the world is so beautiful, fragrant and fresh. After that, i watch out for one of these biggies i always do everything to avoid ;-)) Plus, i get myself lots of flowers to spread around. Ahhh.. Spring .. with the capital "S" ;D ;D :*
2008-05-12 @ 00:41:03

I was born in the spring sunny 21 day of April. My mother finished the University of Lodz in the field of Economics, as well as father. Therefore, it's easy to guess where and in what type of circumstances they met. My parents decided to live on the suburbs of their hometown in the house of my father where he and his sibling had spent their childhood together.

-My family-

My father is a very diligent and conscientious man who's very serious about all his responsibilities. Nonetheless, he likes to have fun and travel a lot.However, actually my mother is the one who dreams about traveling at nights and then, no matter what,implements the dreams into life. They both are keen on winter sports. Mom additionally swims, does yoga and whatever it comes to her mind. She also learns english just to be able to communicate with people abroad when needed. I've got two younger brothers too. Kacper is 22 and he studies Informatics in Lodz. He's rather interior type of person, a little too much into his own affairs. We were always figting with each other when we were younger, I still love him though. Rafał, who is 17 is totally opposite, in fact, he's a lot like me. And he's totally not into himself, actually, he has a heart of gold and I love him very much. We have always had a great relations with each other and he has always been a great person towards me. Also, not like Kacper, he had a few girlfriends and lately a serious one. He's too young for a girlfriend though and Mateusz, one year older than him, comes first as it seems to me, they have been best friends for ages.
My family is fine, and my goddaughter is the daisy. She's six and she's very resolute and charming. I used to spend whole days with her and I wish I had a time for that now.


When I was six, at firs day of school, in reception class, my mom acquainted me with Patrycja, one of my neighbors and we became friends right away. A year later I befriended with Asia and we decided to sit together during the classes :) Then my best friend was a girl named Ola, then Patrycja again. In high school I had a lot of best friends too. Most of the time - Asia has been my best friend through all the primary and then during the high school times, up to the second year of it. I met somebody and that was the begining of the graet collapse. In the end - we split up after about 3 years and then, a year later, me and Asia became best friends again about which I've been more than satisfied till now. Our friendship is unbreakable now. The greatest lesson from that is, I guess, that if the relationship, no matter what kind of it, is strong enough, it will find it's way back, after any kind of crisis. By that time we get to know the taste of humility and that what doesn't kill, it strengthen.


I don't want to kinda show off or something so I'm just gonna put down three things I was the most excited to accomplish.
-when in the 3rd class of high school my drawing was chosen as the best during the classes of an art group I was part of
-when I was taking part in the competition concerning the symulations of negotiations over joining the European Union and my group won
-in the primary school I was so in love with a teacher of history :P. Once there was about to be the biggest test of the year and as I wanted to prove how smart I am ;P as a result I got 6 (an A).
My teacher said it was the best work from among those of people from my class and all the other at school. He was so amazed and I was so happy then! ahahahahahaha!!! :P
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