Blondbond... it's just me
2007-12-14 @ 21:37:00
Uupsss... I'm a bit afraid coz I can't speak [and write] in English well like you... So please correct my mistakes :) I haven't English accent too. I speak in American English. I don't think when I speak in that language, beacuse I speak very fast. Ok... I'm going to say something about me. I'm Anastazja. I'm 14 years old and I live in not big city. I'm interesting in sport, especially in basketball [I'm a bit tall... 175 cm :)] and in skateboarding. I really hate Maths... I can't count :P hm, hm .. what else.. I like listening to music, especially hip-hop. I've got many friends, but I have only two really friends: Kuba and Bartek. We are always together. I don't like be with girls. They often gossip and quarrel. In the future, I'm going to be policeman because I wanna protect society xD Ok... I think that it's complete. Please, correct my mistakes [I think that in this text there is many many. But learning at own mistakes is the best].
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