2007-01-19 @ 21:16:13
I'am so boring.
I'm waiting for a winter holidays!
Yesterday it was very windig and it caused big losses x( I was scared!
Today I have watched three films and I didn't go at the my activities.
One boy invited me at his birthday which will be beyond my town... And I don't know how to tell my mother about this. She won't let me go x( How to tell her? It won't work...
End-of-term examination...
2007-01-12 @ 13:48:00
This morning I wrote end-of-term examination. I think it was easy. I didn't have any problems:)
Today I must go to the theatrical activities. I think it will be fun - like always ;) After that I am going to my friend. We're going to watch a film. Have You ever seen 'The Buterfly Effect'?
Today is Friday. I'm so happy xP
Bye, bye.
It's me!
2007-01-11 @ 19:52:40
My name is Monika. I live in Legnica.
I don't speak english very much, but I think you will help me with this problem. I know I make mistakes and you'll want kill me...
I like read and play in theatre. I don't like irritatings and interferings people.
Anyway I am who I am and nobody can change it...
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