Advantages and disadvantages of living in United Europe.
2010-06-22 @ 17:00:56
Living in United Europe has a lot of advantages but also many disadvantages.United Europe is the union which associate countries from this continent.It was built after World War II.It is said that United Europe is very important organisation but...Is it true ?
It is undoubtedly true that a common currency(wspólna waluta) is the best solution(rozwiązanie).People do not have to go to counting-house(kantor) to exchange money.Furthermore,it is maintained that exchange-offices will not be necessary in the future.In addition,there is no border in United Europe.It is obvious that we can cross the border with no difficulties.
On the other hand,not every country must be in United Europe.Switzerland is not in UE for instance(na przykład).There is no doubt that Switzerland is one of the wealthiest country in Europe.However,it divides(dzieli) Europe.It is argued that because of free borders in Europe will be more and more foreigners and it can cause (spowodować) a high density of population.
In conclusion,United Europe has many pros and cons(wad i zalet).People think differently.Everyone has own point of view and everyone may refer to (odnosić się do)living in United Europe otherwise(inaczej).
It`s my next essay.Thanks for reading.I have a few on tap (w zanadrzu).
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fajna praca, ale znalazłam kilka błędów gramatycznych np. people think zamiast people thinks
Hi :) I don`t think so because we add -s or -es for third person (sg-l.poj.) : he,she ,it ;)

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