How to disappear completely?
2015-07-04 @ 17:28:52
Everything will be ok six steps under ground.

I'm happy.
New music.
2015-05-13 @ 13:23:01
My new song for you:
Me and Szymborska.
2015-03-07 @ 19:21:24
My vision of poetry for you:

I sung, Szymborska wrote.
Let me say goodbye.
2015-01-13 @ 19:45:47
I am on top. I`m the most active blogger. Furthermore, my blog has 75 952 views. Sometimes I have 500 views per day. I achieved what I wanted to achieve. So let me say goodbye. I`m sure I will be writing. But not here. It`s time to change the site, the place.

Even the weather brings me so many memories. Especially today. After shopping I shed some tears coming back to my flat. I`m still missing Dąbie, David, ducks, swans. I`m missing my happiness.

I wish you all the best.

Take care and love others.

Be good!

Blaise D
Farewells we will never be ready for.
2015-01-10 @ 21:35:29
There are farewells we will never be ready for.

There are words in our minds which will always cause the sea of tears.

There are people who flood us with memories.

And we miss them.

And we want them.

We still want them back again.
I fucking hate my life!
2015-01-07 @ 21:49:38
My bro had an acident in a mine. He lost his finger.

I am sick. 39 temperature. But I had an exam today and I am happy that I tried. I think I`ll pass pharmacy :)

Yes, sometimes I miss you.
Listen to my own NEW SONG right now!
2014-12-30 @ 11:03:44
My song: ENJOY!
New song for you.
2014-12-29 @ 11:19:43
Listen to my new song: I hope I will do it live on TV.
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