knocked out for indefinite amount of time.
2008-12-18 @ 22:32:19
Oh, yeah, „another day in paradise”. Well, still it depends on definition of word “paradise”. My kind of paradise today looked a lot like my mum forcing me to do many useless house works, thinking it’s going to make our damn Christmas better and brother, complaining about my always-lately unmade bed. How sad, really… If I would be some kind of suicidal freak I would stand now on the edge of London Bridge with ten pounds rock knotted around my ankles.
And hell if it’s not definition of paradise.

I hate Christmas. For some reason I can’t drown totally in presents, Christmas tree and impossibly caloric food sort of madness. Instead of that I complain and I’m more bitchy than usually.

Totally forgot.
My mum was seeing my head teacher today.
Pretty simple.
I found out that my mother’s daughter (well, fine, me! Just don’t like to repeat myself!) is very, very not well-going with people and probably she’ll (I’ll) have a huge amounts of social problems in the future.
Sweet, really.
Like I don’t have them now!
Ok, lets just say I’m not the most talkative, nice and non-vulgar person in whole wide world. So what? There’re some people who like me (don’t ask, just don’t). Shouldn’t it be enough for someone like me?
Well, ask my mother. According to her I’m still on kindergarten level.
And yet she didn’t kill me for my grades. Honestly, when she came back I thought of myself as about person with no oxygen in lungs and no blood in veins.

Something else what isn’t cheering up, good-ass and totally healthy?
Not really.
I’m in very bad mood (but still not I-throw-things-at-everything-what-moves kind of mood), I’m being sick and feeling like hit by pro kick-boxer a dozen of times.
And listening to good oldies. Nothing makes my day better than cracked voice of Shinead O'Connor singing about how time flies when you’re on high and in unfortunate love in the same time.
And very kick-ass.

Well, I better be going.
Some things are better stay hidden. Like illegal pills, drugs or booze from unknown source. But turns out that the worse and most difficult things to explain are the simplest.

Cut the crap.
13 days to go to New Years Eve.

I’ll better quit swearing all the time.
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