old sins have long shadows.
2009-02-17 @ 11:22:09
Good morning ladies and gentleman.
Did you have a nice winter break? Yes?
Then go to hell a kick some serious asses because one more week of mopping around, sleeping till 2 p.m and generally drinking and smoking is not something what I can stand for TWO Goddamn weeks.

I think something big and bad is ahead. It might be this stupid and "really-not-so-necessary-first-semester" test in math or it may be my half conscious mind.
If I don't wake up soon I'll probably end up in some psychiatric ward with hand in someone’s pot.

Nothing new. Same old same old and earth didn't stop turning. Sometimes I wish the whole world could froze for a longer while. It would give me time to think a little.
From the other hand time isn't in rush - it is people who can't keep up.

I'm very angry. And unhappy, for that matter.
I'm thinking about homicides very often. Maybe I will turn out to be some serial killer with epilepsy or something...
That would explain it all.

Nice advice for coming week?
Not really.

Old sins have long shadows.

It can’t be that bad. Although, sleeping till four in the afternoon may be classified as a really unhealthy thing to do. Don’t you have a hobby? It’s always good to have one and in times like that, when you have nothing better to do, try to lose yourself in the things you actually enjoy. I myself take a great pleasure in reading. So if the time comes and I feel almost bored to death, I reach for a book I didn’t have time to read before. This is my way to handle boredom.

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