2008-04-25 @ 01:17:57

Hi. My name's Paul but my friends are talking to me; "bigman". I'm living in London. I'm working here and living almost two years. I'm Polish.
I wanna write with you about my new home. I'll try show you London on my pictures and willingly talk about. Any questions? Ask boldly :)

Hi;p how are you in London?
what do you extacly do in London? ;>
Hi. I'm fine
what am I doing? just working here as hard as every Polish people :)

Hi, Paul. I want to go away to England (London)because I want to learn English and to meet another culture. I want to work there. Tell me, how is in London... for Polish people..:-)
In London Polish people (Poles) , have a very good conditions to live. In London is lot of Polish institutions, many shops and pubs, everywhere You can find Polish newspapers, and Polish advertisements. The most important is English people (and another nations) recognizes Poles and willingly gives us job if needs us. But You must remember if You want work here You must be very good and hard worker and I advise You must be very clever for yourself; Everyone who will be give you any work don't give you too much money:)you must to haggle excellent.
If You want learn English here is no problem You can find lot of language schools and the best is possibilities speaking with English people :)
Finish for today; I'm going to bed this week was very heavy for me.... Sunday is comig is time to rest :)
wow, somebody from The Island. I'm not going to the GB because I'm chicken and I'm afraid of going so far away. In the summer there will be so many students from poland so it will be so hard to find a work. Anybody whom I ask about summer says that he is going to the Great Britain. I wish them best but I think that half of them just will go, spend their money on rooms, won't find job and return home. That's the cruel truth in my opinion.
oh I feel you'll have a little more comments than others users ;)
I'll be reading your posts about london with pleasure ;)

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