another day....
2007-07-27 @ 13:58:23
Thanks for all posts...
I've got better mood now. I've got holliday so I'll not waste my time for complaining:) It's weeked so... We Can D ... rink :):):)
another day..
2007-07-03 @ 13:07:20
No sun. The weather's not so good and I'm a little bit lazy. There's no life in me. I've got no aim. I can say only one thing for today...

"I'm just a dreamer
I'm dreaming my life away
I'm just a dreamer
Who dreams of better days"
A little bit oddly...
2007-07-02 @ 15:42:40
Well, It's my first note here.

We've summer holiday so I should be happy and smile all the time but truly I'm bored. Bored to death. NO work, no plans for any trip. I have to look after my nephew so It's not ideal way of spending free time;/

Besides I'm trying to spent every moment with my boyfriend because he'll be gone to Madrit. I just can't imagine how my life would look like without him:(

I just have to handle it...
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