2015-10-14 @ 20:33:47
Hi everyone. Durning this summer( my last that long holidays) i was in England. I was there for almost 3 months, i enjoy this holidays very well, if you ever will have opportunity to go to another country for longer don't even think about no to go. It is great to get to know how life look like in different country than Poland, specially if it is England. People there are very nice, polite, frank and positive. Now when i am in Poland i miss smiling and this positive atmosphere but i am looking forward to go back to England in the future.
Native english
2015-05-03 @ 18:06:35
Have you ever want to english be your native language? I always want that, i feel that everything would be easier if english were my native language.
Big logo
2015-04-21 @ 21:30:04
Can anyone write to me how to add big logo in my blog? i will be grateful
2015-04-21 @ 21:20:28
How are you people? :)
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