Wednesday 26th November
2014-11-26 @ 20:24:02
Today I was at the school. Today was a bit better than yesterday. When I came back from school, I went to my aunt. Now I am doing my homework and learning to tomorrow repetition of Geography. ;)

See you!
Tuesday 25th November
2014-11-26 @ 20:17:24
Today I was at the school. I went to the choir, and now my throat hurts.I am very tired :C

See you!
Monday 24th November
2014-11-24 @ 16:55:58
Today I am doing tasks from Physics. Today I was unannounced test of Polish. Fortunately, I knew most of the things. I was listen to a beautiful song. I love French songs.
Sunday 23th November
2014-11-23 @ 21:23:33
This morning I was in the church. Later I went to my grandparents on name day. Next I did my homework and learned. Now I am watching TV. :D

See you! ^^
Saturday 22th November
2014-11-23 @ 21:20:59
Today I sat all day at home. I watched TV or I was reading books. Later I baked cake with mum.
It was delicious. :3

See you ! (*.*)
Friday 21th November
2014-11-23 @ 21:18:22
Finally Friday! Today I was on shopping with my mum and sister. Was great. Later I watch a film.
Now I am reading a book.

See you! :D
Thursday 20th November
2014-11-23 @ 21:16:09
Today I was in a school. Now I am learning to English because tomorrow I am having a test.

See you! :)
Wednesday 19th November
2014-11-19 @ 20:36:50
Today I was on a trip in the cinema. We were on the movie "Mud" :D . It was very interesting and fun. We were also in the mall M1. I bought 2 blouses. Unfortunately, tomorrow I must go to school :c.

See you! :3
Tuesday 18th November
2014-11-19 @ 20:32:50
Today was a test of Chemistry and I got 5. Today was good because I didn't have to do homework. Tomorrow I Went on a trip. :3

See you!
Monday :c 17th November
2014-11-17 @ 19:45:30
School again (-.-). Today I got 4 of the test in Biology and I am very happy because I almost didn't learn for this test. Unfortunately, tomorrow I am having a test of Chemistry and I am afraid of this.

See you! :3
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