My plans for this Christmas.
2012-12-20 @ 15:10:50
Hello everyone ! How are you ? I hope you've been okay.

Have you got any plans for this Christmas ?
When it comes to me, I have some plans.

My grandmother lives with her two children ( daughter and son ) in a small village situated something about 150 km from my hometown.It is about 4 hours by car.Me and my parents are going to visit them soon.
We're going to visit my family for 4 days.We're leaving on 24th of December and coming back on the 27th.

I think I will take some pictures during my stay there. There are many pets like cats and dogs. I love animals and I like taking pictures of them.

Is there any snow at the moment in a place where you live ? Here there isn't any and I think that's good ! I don't like snow and winter.

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