Do you judge other people by music they listen to ?
2012-10-15 @ 18:54:57
I don't. I don't like people who think like "I listen to rock/metal so I'm cool and if you listen to pop or techno you should die !".
I don't understand why many people think that music we listen to describes who we really are. I think that we're all equal. It doesn't matter if you listen to techno or metal,because a techno fan can be a good or a bad person sometimes and a metal fan too.We're all the same. Music is just some sounds with a couple of words. I think that we can't judge another people only by music they listen to. you agree with me ? ;)

Yes and no..
yes we can't say everything about people and judge them based only on music they listen to. And there are many stereotypes about people and their favourite kinds of music.
But very often the music we listen to decribes who we are.
ps. but also we should get to know another people and then say more about them. We can't say: you are zero, cause you listen to ....
Its true i think
I agree with Ikus :P
I think that nobody can say "You are listening to rock..omg, this is so boring". A few days ago my..let's say that my friend said, that now the only "right" music is rap music, so I should listen it. I think its insane! I have my own view to the music and I respect your view. Thats all.

(Sorry for my english, I'm not strong in foreign languages xd)

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