Does anyone have an umbrella ?
2012-10-04 @ 11:41:15
It's been raining for an hour .. the weather hasn't been very cold but the rain..I hate it !
I don't even have any umbrella..we used to have 2 or 3 but one's got broken and another was stolen..:/ Someone stole it when my mom was at work,she left it in the cloakroom and when she got back the umbrella was missing.

I've been jogging for 2 weeks.I jog even during bad weather.The other day I was jogging with my friend in the pouring rain. And today I'll be jogging too, even if it rains.

I'm sorry about your umbrella :) I know how important is to haven one because I don't like being soaked :)
Anyway..I envy you! SO many times i had tried to jogging but it never happened! Maybe i'm too lazy sometimes :)
Btw, have a nice day! :)

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