What is your way of studying English ?
2012-10-02 @ 15:29:00
I study English a few times a week and I do it in many ways. Sometimes I focus on grammar and I learn some new words or practise my pronunciation on a next day . Besides, I read books in English and listen to the BBC radio. I study usually at 4 or 5 in the afternoon or at around middday. When I study, I like drinking coffee because it helps me to focus on what I do.

And you, do you have some special way of studying English ?

hey, I really want to improve my english skills, so i try learn every day. I listen some podcast, translate my favourite songs from english to polish, watch a several, very interesting and useful films made by native speakers. However, the best way to speak very well is trip to a english-speaking country, spending there some time, meeting the local people, talking with them.
I am reading you post and i realy envy you yours english skills. I like jogging to. Since couple of days i have new goals- i want to study my english and today i find this blog. I have to focus to on gramar. Can you recommend me some easy book in english lunguage?
My best way to learn english is writting english message on facebook, i think it is good method. Good way is watching english tv or reading books.

You are really motvite me to study hard! thanks a lot and good bye ;)

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