Was 2012 a good year for you ?
2012-12-30 @ 15:08:39
Hello ! Tomorrow is the last day of 2012. What do you think about that ? Was 2012 a good year for all of you ? Did many good events happen or were there more bad events ?
2012 wasn't so bad year for me but it wasn't very good year as well..there were some good events..I met some nice people,learnt some new things,improved my English..but also I met some bad people,found out some bad things about them but at least I know that I cannot trust anyone.No matter if there were bad or good events - I learnt something new and I will try not to make some mistakes I made this year in the future.I don't know what 2013 will bring..I can only hope that it will be a good year. And I wish the same for you. Happy New Year !!! :)
My plans for this Christmas.
2012-12-20 @ 15:10:50
Hello everyone ! How are you ? I hope you've been okay.

Have you got any plans for this Christmas ?
When it comes to me, I have some plans.

My grandmother lives with her two children ( daughter and son ) in a small village situated something about 150 km from my hometown.It is about 4 hours by car.Me and my parents are going to visit them soon.
We're going to visit my family for 4 days.We're leaving on 24th of December and coming back on the 27th.

I think I will take some pictures during my stay there. There are many pets like cats and dogs. I love animals and I like taking pictures of them.

Is there any snow at the moment in a place where you live ? Here there isn't any and I think that's good ! I don't like snow and winter.
Have you got any pets ?
2012-10-27 @ 18:20:19
Hi ! How are you ? :) I hope you've been having a nice weekend ;)
Today I'd like to tell you about a pet I own. I have one pet. It's a dog. She is 13 years old now,she's small,very nice and sweet :D She is quite old but it doesn't matter, I treat her almost like a family member. I'd like to have a cat someday but my dream is to own a cat and a dog at the same time but it's impossible now because my dog hates other animals. Anyway, I just like cats and dogs . :)
And you, have you got any pets ? :)
Do you judge other people by music they listen to ?
2012-10-15 @ 18:54:57
I don't. I don't like people who think like "I listen to rock/metal so I'm cool and if you listen to pop or techno you should die !".
I don't understand why many people think that music we listen to describes who we really are. I think that we're all equal. It doesn't matter if you listen to techno or metal,because a techno fan can be a good or a bad person sometimes and a metal fan too.We're all the same. Music is just some sounds with a couple of words. I think that we can't judge another people only by music they listen to.
So..do you agree with me ? ;)
2012-10-11 @ 15:54:03
Have you got many friends ? Are they just friends or maybe some of them are good friends ?
When it comes to me, I haven't got many friends in general. Maybe three or four and only 1 of them is a good friend.It's probably because I'm very shy and reticent. I wish I were more talkative and outgoing..
It's not nice to do some things alone, to spend free time alone..it's always better to have fun with friends,because being alone is no fun...
Does anyone have an umbrella ?
2012-10-04 @ 11:41:15
It's been raining for an hour .. the weather hasn't been very cold but the rain..I hate it !
I don't even have any umbrella..we used to have 2 or 3 but one's got broken and another was stolen..:/ Someone stole it when my mom was at work,she left it in the cloakroom and when she got back the umbrella was missing.

I've been jogging for 2 weeks.I jog even during bad weather.The other day I was jogging with my friend in the pouring rain. And today I'll be jogging too, even if it rains.
What is your way of studying English ?
2012-10-02 @ 15:29:00
I study English a few times a week and I do it in many ways. Sometimes I focus on grammar and I learn some new words or practise my pronunciation on a next day . Besides, I read books in English and listen to the BBC radio. I study usually at 4 or 5 in the afternoon or at around middday. When I study, I like drinking coffee because it helps me to focus on what I do.

And you, do you have some special way of studying English ?
Good afternoon ! :)
2012-09-23 @ 14:41:40
Hello everyone ! :) This is my first post on this blog in English language ever :D I'd like to improve my English so I decided to write about my life ( which is quite boring,though.. :P ) in English.

How's your Sunday ? Is it a lazy day - like mine, or maybe you like performing some activities during the weekend ? :)
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