2010-04-13 @ 17:19:13
hey !
How's going?
I try live in my life.
Today I want to say thx for my friends for that they are. They are great people.
About me ?
I'm learning English and Italian.
I play in band.
I try to learn more in school.
I want go to USA and be musician or physicist.
I know, very different fields but they're my passions. and I have a dream. And I'll be....

_____________________THE END _____________________

Don't start tomorrow, start today because everyday is a good day to SUCCEED!
About Music
2010-04-08 @ 16:12:38
Hello everyone.
Today I'll be talking about music.
For me music it's something special.
I play on guitar piano and drumbs.
I can say I'm an music soul.
Music is my way to life when I have problem music is my solution.
I love rock . It's my fav sort of music.
Favourite band ? Many, but Green Day is my type.
Evanescense and Linkin Park too.
For me the best songs :
'Wake me up inside' Evanescence feat. Linkin'Park
Courage by Superchick
Holiday by Green day
American idiot by Greean Day
In the end by Linkin'Park


Do you have dream ?
You can do it.
will be good.
2010-04-06 @ 14:37:05
It's new beginning.
Do it,Now
Do you think I can't o this ?
You're wrong.
My life My rulers.
I can do this.

Good luck!
Belive in yourself.
Just you can change your life.
Fight for dreams.
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