Sick and tired...
2007-10-09 @ 17:48:01
Hello :) This is my first post so I wouldn`t write a lot. Unfortunately I haven`t got time to do something diffrent than learning to exams...

I`m trying to improve my language so I`m using new words in my posts I don`t even know if it`s correctly so if you find out some mistakes tell me :)

Now I`m going to tell something about me. My name is Kaja and I`m 18 years old. I`m going to gigh school and this year I`m going to have matura exam. I`m optymist so I think that everything is going to be alright :). I have been learning English and Russian and I`m interested in many thing.
Ok I have to finish now :)
See U soon :*


I don't even know if they're correct.
they're - because it's plural(words), not singular
correct - this is an adjective you should have used. Not an adverb with ending "ly"

interested in many things - not thing. Many is to plural nouns.

I'm having matura exsams this year too ;) Where would you like o study after high school?

Yes, CU soon Kaja ;)
And good luck! In writing and anything
Nice to meet you on this site. see you! Allaround is right.;-)
hi bee
At primary school I was learning Russian as you. Its really nice language and easy I think. I like it but unforunately I dont remember many of it:(
ps greetings for Bregović and for you Kaja:)
Could you tell him about my greetings? :))))))))
bye beeeeeeeeeeee

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