My pets
2009-10-07 @ 19:01:09
I have four pets: three dogs and the cat. First dog is West Highland White Terrier and it's Tina, second is a mongrel, it's little dog, black, white and brown, and it's Sonia, third dog is a mongrel too. It's bigger than Sonia but it's black and white too, it's name is Ares and cat is Black and white and it's Tosia:) And I thing that's it about my pet:) Write questions as always!:)
About my family
2009-10-07 @ 18:56:37
In my family are four persons: Me, my Mum, my Dad and my brother. My Mum name's Małgorzata, dad's Jan and brother Michał and he's eleven. I quarrel with my brother very often, he irritate me so much! My Mum is pharmacist and Dad is archeologist. I love them so much!
More about my hobbys and dislikes
2009-10-07 @ 18:51:21
I love horse riding. My favourite horse is Arabian. I like surfing in Internet too. I love many kind of music so i don't write about my favourite music. I don't like school, specially Physic and chemistry! And I think that's it. If you have any questions you can write and I'll try to answer:)
My first note
2009-09-17 @ 11:47:04
My name is Zosia. I'm sixteen tears old. I have long, wavy and blond hair. My favourite subject in school is English. I love cars, specially Mercedes and BMW. All the time friends tell me that I'm so crazy, and I like it!;) I love partys and good music.
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