Boring ;/
2013-12-26 @ 20:40:21
Hay everyone ;* Today I am little bored. Even so I don't want to go to school. I would like already finish school and start to work.
I have many homework, but I don't have a power to make up for it. ;/ So besides it hurts my eyes ;o

I'm flying and have a nice evening! :)
Christmass *.*
2013-12-24 @ 21:32:17
How do you fell after Christmass Eve? Personally, I feel a little sad. Maybe because, that haven't snow? I don't know ;/
I said you, that I read half of 'Eclipse'. Chapter entitled 'Bet' I think the best♥ Jacob kissed Bella, but she hit his and broke hand.

' - Are you ok?
- Everything to me is a bastard! You broke to me a bone in hand!
- Bella, that you broke her himself. Now stop dancing and let me examine her. '

On today so, Merry Christmass :*
This day ;)
2013-12-22 @ 12:15:54
Hi everyone,
I'm feeling Christmass. I was in church today and were many people.
Have you some ideas for to bake a delicious cake?

2013-12-21 @ 17:48:32
I wasn't writing, because I haven't a time;/ I will try add more a note but I don't nothing promise.
Recently, I decided that I will study in Harvard University. I must choose expanded biology, chemistry and english. I hope that I will be a very good vet. It's my dream since childhood! :)
I started to read 'Twillight'. I can't stop to read this book. She's very interesting and emotive. I recommend 'Twillight' both the film and the book like :)
Approach Christmass so I'am wishing you merry and happy holidays :)

Goodbay ;* and you comment.
My first note;)
2013-10-13 @ 14:34:20
Hi everybody! I decided to write this blog, because I want to learn better english.
Today, I'm learning with english and doing my homework.
Tomorrow, I won't go to school, because will be day's teacher.
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