I haven't written so long
2009-05-09 @ 12:48:43
It's spring, but I'm not very happy. I'm tired and I haven't got strength for anything. I'm depressed a bit and I don't know what I want..
Even I hate learning english now, though always I loved it
;/ ;/ ;/
Maybe my humour will be better in the future
then I'll write.
2009-03-09 @ 19:27:53
Have you seen "Popiełuszko.Wolność jest w nas"?
I am going to the cinema on this film tomorrow.
What do you think about it? I think it's good film, because it's about big person.
priests' celibacy
2009-02-12 @ 21:55:38
we have said on religion about priests' celibacy recently. About 54% of priests would to have a wife and children. Soo How it is?
Our priest said that he would like to have wife but he was willing stand out from it for God.
and he would never change this way.
What do you think about it?
Poland - Norway [31:30]
2009-01-29 @ 16:05:19
Did you watch the match Poland-Norway? It was fantastic!
After 1st half there was a tie. When the match was getting over I didn't believe that they can win...but yes it was a wonder! Polish are in semifinal :)
2009-01-04 @ 21:55:23
I thought to write to person from other counry long time. At last I did it! (it was some months ago, but I'm writing about it now).
I wrote to some people.
From Jamaica - Kimberley
From New Zealand - Taara
From Korea - Amanda
and from Sri Lanca - Pavani
I'm happy I decided to write. I can talk with them for different topics.
I recommend it!
Maybe in New Year you can try something another?
New Year's Eve.. ; ]]
2008-12-29 @ 16:56:29
I have a question ; ]]
How do you usually spend New Year's Eve and How are you going to spend it this year.
I wish you a happy New Year 2009!!
Last year was very important for me, but I think I fuck off it :( Maybe this year will be better...
(When you turn on my blog's website you could listen christmas musik. If you don't want listen it you can turn off it on down of this website)
clinical death
2008-12-22 @ 16:29:51
http://glitery.pl/' target='_blank' title='Glitery.pl - obrazki na bloga, glittery, dollsy'><img src='http://tmp2.glitery.pl/text/356/16/2-Hi-my-DEAR-d-7609.gif' border='0'I have seen "strefa tajemnic" lately. It was about clinical death.
I want to know what do you think about it.
I don't know I want to experience something like this. but it interesting me.
I believed those people.
smoething about me [c.d] :d
2008-10-27 @ 18:17:25
I feel bad because I have eaten a full jar of nutella xD
hmm.. I love animals, especially cats ;]
I had a cat once. he was all black ;) and very, very sweet and friendly. But he died :(
My favourite music is rap, rock and pop.
I listened to 'Akon' but now I prefer 'Garbage' ;D.
I have done a pape about New Zealand and I loved this land when I recognised it.
Maybe one day I will invite New Zealand?
It's my dream ;pp
I have still some dreams, but I don't list they..;>
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