2011-01-04 @ 20:11:11
I've had a nightmare and I feel really drowsy. I'm going to describe what I dreamt about.

Last night I dreamt about my friends and family. I found out that my dad is dead but I had never got any feelings for him so I easily got it over. And then somebody sent me a message. It turned out that my friend is dead and I cried very hard. And then my sister came to me and said that she had discovered that somebody had robbed her house. I felt shocked and felt very blue. I woke up and felt that some tears have made my pillow wet. I closed my eyes again and slept until my alarm clock rang. It was terrible. I don't feel okay today, just have to sleep it off.

I wish I hadn't had such nightmare.
Do you usually have dreams and do you like them?
2010-12-29 @ 00:17:03
I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
I know that the holidays have already passed, but still wszystkirgo best!
For all!
2010-12-20 @ 23:25:07
Hi ! Only 4 days to Christmas. ;))
Happy Christmas greetings,
And warmest wishes too,
Here's hoping that
The New Year brings all that's best to you!
Have a wonderful Christmastime made up of these -
Togetherness, sharing, and warm memories!
Here are Special Greetings and Best Wishes too...
May this Coming Year brings happiness to you!
Marry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
2010-12-19 @ 19:59:59
Soon Christmas. I can not wait because I really like this time, when everyone is happy and there is a family atmosphere. The whole family are arriving for my house.
I was ill and tommorow...
2010-12-13 @ 19:20:40
I was ill and tommorow I'll come back to school. Biology and German exams wait for me ;(. I have three outstanding exams: Physic, History and Informatic Technology. I think next week will be very hard. But after next weekend ;) it's Christmas. :)))
Snow behind window ;p
2010-11-29 @ 16:55:40
Hi:) Yesterday throw window I saw that it start snowing. It isn't too much of it but I hope that soon it will fall a little. I hope it will not be as cold as last year. Anyway, already I can't wait for Christmas. ;P
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