Another English Test
2015-09-14 @ 16:42:35
1. Low welfare benefits would discourage immigrants ______ coming to European countries.
2. I wanted to visit her but it turned ________ Mary had moved to another place.
3. According _______ your horoscope, you are going to have a great month.
FOR / AT / TO / IN
4. Most of our students need to do a better job ______ revising for the mid-term exams.
5. These opinions are based _______ very serious research.
6. The secret of success is to be passionate _______ what you do.
7. One’s salary has a major impact _______ one’s job satisfaction.
ON / FOR / AT / OF
8. He is very skillful. He can turn a sheet of paper ______ a work-of-art figure.
9. The genes we are born __________ affect the process of our aging.
10. Good workers are always committed _______ their employer’s goals and values.

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Improve your English
2015-07-30 @ 18:02:21
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Tests in English - Word Formation
2015-07-27 @ 16:46:21
Word formation test
Level: Advanced Matura

1. I can't wait to go camping this summer. I am looking forward to _______________ in a tent. SLEEP
2. We had to cancel the experiment due to _______________ funds. SUFFICE
3. CO2 _______________ are over the limit once again in this region. EMIT
4. This website offers plenty of _______________ advice. DIET
5. There is no catch. Everything is _________________ described in this contract. TRANSPARENT
6. First we have to _______________ the enemy's defence with precise air-strikes. WEAK
7. She was much ________________ than her sister. YOUNG
8. They had lost my exam paper so I had to ________________ the exam two months later. TAKE
9. They ate a _________________ breakfast before the hike. HEART
10. Did the guy exchange the _____________ tap this morning? LEAK

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Test Your English - use of English
2015-05-23 @ 17:09:07
Use of English
Level: Intermediate

1. He drives a Mercedes. He __________ be a priest.
a) should b) has to c) must d) can
2. I haven’t seen Greg _________ we came back from the trip to Glasgow.
a) when b) for c) as d) since
3. Excuse me, _____________ their offer yet?
a) did you receive b) have you received c) will you receive d) you have received
4. When I came back to the room, I noticed my bag ____________________.
a) had stolen b) had been stolen c) was stolen d) would be stolen
5. Mark is a manager now. He _______________ that job last week.
a) was offered b) offered c) had been offered d) had offered
6. Sarah was here this morning. Did she say what ________________?
a) she wants b) does she want c) she wanted d) did she want
7. I didn’t show him the tree-house because I knew he ____________ too scared to climb the ladder.
a) could be b) would be c) will be d) can be
8. She earns _________ less than I do.
a) much b) many c) lots d) lot
9. A: Are you coming? B: Yes, I’ll be there _______ a minute.
a) in b) until c) after d) by
10. Do you have any idea what happened ________ my gym-shorts?
a) with b) about c) of d) to

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Test 4 – questions (yes/no + specific)
2015-03-16 @ 09:47:34
Here's a very difficult test for you :)
ASK QUESTIONS about the phrases in bold.

1. This is my new car.
2. She is my husband's boss.
3. She is my husband's boss.
4. He works in our factory.
5. No, they aren't studying now.
6. I got here by bus.
7. We are talking about Steven.
8. Yes, I am happy.
9. They got married in 1987.
10. She visits her grandfather everyday because she helps him.

Click HERE for answers.

Test 3 - tenses – translations
2015-03-13 @ 20:47:29
Translate these sentences into English:

1. Co ty tutaj teraz robisz?
2. Dlaczego on przyszedł tak wcześnie?
3. Jak często ona myje swój samochód?
4. Czy twój mąż pomaga w zajęciach domowych?
5. Czy zaprosisz swoich rodziców?
6. Nie zamknąłem drzwi na klucz zeszłej nocy.
7. Ej, ty! Mówię do ciebie!
8. Jeszcze nie umyłem rąk.
9. Nie jadam bananów.
10. Mam ten rower od 10 lat.

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Test 2 - Present Perfect vs. Past Simple
2015-03-11 @ 21:14:39
Present Perfect vs. Past Simple

1. We __________(not/see) her for ages.
2. What time ___________(you/order) the pizza?
3. My daughter ___________(lose) her doll. I can't find it anywhere.
4. ___________(you/see) this movie yet?
5. I _________(meet) my husband in 1994.
6. Nobody __________(ever/be) here.
7. How much ___________(you/pay) for this watch?
8. He __________(write) this letter in 1947.
9. We ___________(live) here since 1989.
10. They ____________(go) out just a second ago.

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