2013-11-30 @ 18:15:10
A day like everyday. Today I get up 10:00. Later I did my homework with my sister. I am siting now.
"Free Day"
2013-11-29 @ 20:54:32
I am watching film with my sister and sister now and we are lieing.
2013-11-29 @ 20:51:15
Hi boys and girls
"A midweek"
2013-11-27 @ 23:27:13
Finally, Wednesday. Today was disco I didn't go for it because I didn't want. Yet only three days until the weekend. I made a Christmas card today to school. I'm going now because I'm going to sleep. Pa
2013-11-26 @ 16:29:50
Today is Tuesday. Tomorrow will be great because my class must dress up. I am surfing the Net now.
And I am thinking. Tomorrow I have an additional two hours of English in school. It's over this post. Hi
"School Again"
2013-11-25 @ 15:30:23
Today I got two positive evaluations. I'm surprised teacher behavior. From today I don't like English. I am doing my homework and I listening Ylvis "The fox". Tomorrow I will write to you what is my favorite movie and book. I will tell you goodbye. !!!
"Tomorrow Monday"
2013-11-24 @ 16:01:04
Today I get up at 12:00 am. I am listening musics and I am eating tangerines now. I am did my homework moments ago. So my favourite sports are ping pong and basketball. This opinion completion contemporary post to the blog. Until tomorrow. Hi
2013-11-23 @ 14:31:30
Today a day off from lessons. I get up at 11:00 am. As I get up I must go to the store, clean room. Today I will be do my homework and read reading.
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