2014-01-02 @ 21:51:00
I am boring and playing with my friends.
2014-01-02 @ 21:48:23
To school tomorrow. Shortly holidays.
"New Year tomorrow"
2013-12-30 @ 21:40:30
New Year's Eve tomorrow already. How do you spend this wonderful day? Soon have to go to school :(and still have small exam on Thursday in English: (.
2013-12-30 @ 21:34:01
Welcome everybody how are you alive? My wonderfully because the weather is so beautiful.
"Free time "
2013-12-26 @ 16:51:28
As you pass the day? I recently returned from his grandfather.
2013-12-24 @ 23:13:51
Hello everybody!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. :)
"New Year's Eve soon"
2013-12-21 @ 18:26:58
New Year's Eve soon. I can not wait for the new year. I have yet to buy a lot of fireworks and I can wait for the new year. Where do you plan to spend New Year's Eve? I spend the New Year's Eve with Polsat.
Bye and Happy New Year.
2013-12-20 @ 16:09:38
I was to day in Radom on bowling. It was great.
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