Dreams are only dreams
2009-10-11 @ 11:47:36
I had very weird dream last night. Dream about ghosts. I couldn`t see them, but I could feel them. I`ve heard their voices and heavy breath. They tried to help me, but I couldn`t find the truth between my few problems. What a dream! Dreams are only..dreams, my Mom said after I told her about last night.

What are you going to do with the rest of this weekend? I`m goona meet with my boyfriend and play some ps2 or ps3 video games, also with my brother.
First blog
2009-10-10 @ 22:17:53
My friend gave me the link to this website. I think it is a very good way to learn some english. I don`t speak well, I`m lazy, but now I`ll try to learn more and more. It`s been 10 years since I said "Hello" in english. It`s normally when you think, oh you should speak fluent, but I must say NO and talk about beeing lazy again. I`m sure you`ll understand all text, that`s good, it means you`re better than me. Anyway, I have to say goodnight to all of you and wish you luck in english he he he
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