2014-05-02 @ 14:59:51
I love may. Especially for the first weekend ;) Yesterday I spent awesome day with my friends. We decided to go for a bike tour. I packed necessary things and.. let's go! At first we were worried about the weather but as it turned out we didn't have reason to do it :) I don't remember when was the last time I rode a bike. I forget how pleasant it is! I really recommend all of you the active leisure :)

2013-08-29 @ 11:05:23
I love lazy mornings. I decided to start doing something at 12 o'clock, so I still have an hour to just lying and watch "The Borgias" ;) I promise, when the episode will finish I'll go for a walk with my dog and I'll wash the dishes. Oh.. and I should start learning ;/ The funny thing is I know that the earlier I do my duties the more time I will have for myself but... I always do everything at the last minute. I guess that some of you know what I mean ;)
How I got over
2013-08-28 @ 11:35:31
Just do it
2013-08-28 @ 00:20:19
Good evening :) I decided to do something good for myself. I have to drink less alcohol and drink more water, eat healthy food instead of sweets and junk food. It will be hard for person who doesn't like vegetables, but I can handle it ;) Fortunately, there will be no problem with exercises. I love sport, especially swimming and basketball. What's your favourite sport?
2013-08-25 @ 21:47:26
Finally I found some time to visit my own blog and to post something. Last days I spent on writing my project and meeting with friends. Today I decided to spend evening at home with book. Ok, my plans connected with book changed were I saw "Leon" in TV. I guess that some of you watched this movie. If not, I really recommend it to you! It is one of these cult movies that you have to see. Both, Natalie Portman and Jean Reno are great! If you watched the movie which is worth to recommend, tell me about it :)
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