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2014-01-27 @ 20:50:17
I've got a problem.
I'm very ambitious and I'd like to know many languages. I speak english quite well, I suppose. I want to learn another language. Here's the problem. A few years ago when I was in Italy I fell in love with the country and the language. Italian is the most beautiful language in the world. But thinking ahead, it's not useful nowadays. I can get by in italian only in Italy or maybe some parts of Switzerland, there's crisis now and so on.
I like russian as well, maybe not love, but it's quite pleasant for me. I remember that when I was about 10 years old I was making a fuss to my grandmother, who speaks russian very well, to talk to me in russian. Yesterday I rubbed up russian alphabet and some basic phrases. I guess, learning russian is more useful and prospective. It's spoken by many more people than italian.
Don't know which one I should choose. Loved italian whether useful russian?

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