I've read a book about ....
2012-10-10 @ 11:09:55
First of all - I love reading books and I can't imagine my life without books. I try to read as often as I can from time when I was at primary school. Maybe it's because my mum is a librarian? :)
So, as I've started in the title - I've read a book about life, death and God. And that was a really wise book which gave me a reason to think about these important topics. And I found out that it's no matter what the future may bring, the most important thing is what is now in your life. You should appreciate what you have today, respect and love you partner, your family. You should live your life with as many optimistic thoughts as you can, and most of all - if you want to be happy and don't regret any moment in your life, you should simply love your life and yoursefl!

if you would like to read this book, here is the title and its author:
"Potem" written by amazing author G. Musso

I strongly recommend his other books! They are really wonderful books.
beautiful autumn
2012-10-09 @ 11:31:12
I love this season ! Autumn is really beautiful - all these leaves falling down from the trees, all these colours shining in the sun... Especially when I go through the park, I can see all the beauty of Autumn. Today is a good weather for walking - the sun is shinig, there's a little wind and the temperature is not very high, but it's ok in this time of the year. So, would you like go for a walk with me? ;)
so long time has passed...
2012-10-06 @ 20:27:07
I was here some months ago, and it's simply because I didn't have time to write. And another reason is that... don't laugh at me! ;) I just forgot my password...

So, what's new in my life?Well, I become older ;), my little daughter started going to the kindergarden 2 years ago and my older daughter is in class 3 in Primary school. I'm spending my time mostly at work - I work almost every day in a supermarket, but the best time is when I'm at home with my family. Maybe it's simple and not sophisticated statement, but it's true! I love my children very much, and my husband of course. We are 10 years after wedding and I can honestly say that my life is really good. I feel fullfilled in every field of my life. And my biggest wish is to live my life as happy as now for all the time.

job interview
2011-01-27 @ 21:14:50
Yesterday I was at my first job interview. I was very stressed because I really need this work. I think this interview was not bad, but there are some important things I forgot to tell about my abilities.. Oh, I really don't know what the president thinks about me after this few moments..? I wish I could turn back time and go through this interview once again. Now all I have to do is wait for the telephone from the president. I hate this kind of uncertainty.. If he won't call?? or if he'll call and tell me that there is no place for me in his hotel..
the end
2010-12-30 @ 10:49:44
Tomorrow this year is ending and it's the time when I think about last 365 days. I have to say that it was a good year, there were very few moments I regret, but most of them were fine. My daughters slowly grow up, and there's a chance I will go to work next year if my younger baby goes to kindergarten. And my studies will be copmleted in June, I hope with the diploma. My family life is stabilized, and I think that it won't change next year.
I'd like to wish all of you happy new year!
after Christmas
2010-12-27 @ 14:18:41
Christmas is over and it's time to come back to ordinary duties. I have to say that this Xmas was different than some others. That's because I spent it with my parents (from past 8 years I was spending this time with my in-laws)and my siblings. It was great to see all of us together, happy and full of love. I have three brothers and two sisters and I'm proud of our "big" family! :)
It was really family Chritsmas!!!!
time it going so fast
2010-12-05 @ 22:01:02
I hate this situation when I have to be in a hurry every day. Time is going so fast, that I can't even sit down from time to time in my favourite armchair, read a good book, drink a cup of coffee... I don't remember such time.. There are always so many things to do - in the house, at work, at school.. It's impossible to sit and do nothing!
I wish the world could stop turning around once a week and give us some time to slow down! :)
...drinking coffee alone
2010-11-22 @ 10:21:53
Today is Monday and I have a day off from my work. I'm at home with my little daughter. I'm drinking coffee and I'm thinking about my life in general. I have a good life, I have wonderful family, work which I like, few but true friends and there is only one thing I can't stand. It's about my lost friend.. I miss her much and I hate people who destroyed our friendship... I tried to phone her, but she seems to trust them, not me, and I don't know why?? It hurts, really..
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