disco (;
2006-12-02 @ 11:36:33
it was disco 2 gays ago!!!
it was super!!!
it last 2.30 hours!!!
but director of school said " it won't any disco on this school year, because you can't behaviour!!!

To GREED for:
my class 1e
my friends

Sorry for mistakes!!!
2006-11-15 @ 19:40:06
I gave -3 on geography!!! it's a horror!!!
but could a worse ;]

On friday I with my dance team are going to KATOWICE on the first counry-wide fesiwal "POWER DANCE". i hope that will be the first place ;P.

On next thursday we are having dosco!!!
i'm very happy, but I don't know, am I comming, but we are dancing on dance contest!!!
I'm very sad ;((

Beta was in my house
it was super!!!

I must the end, because I must do my homework :|

my class 1e
my friends
my family
and all to coment my blog

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