2008-07-27 @ 00:55:19
Now, I'm writing my first note here. First about something & nothind. Preview note was about ... first note. "Hello", that's all. This note will be abot me.
My name is Ana, I'm 15. I live in Poland, in Żywiec. I like readind and writind, at polish language, of course. At next note I'll write about my interests and my character, now - I must go. See U soon:)
2008-07-25 @ 03:04:07
I'm Ana. This is my first English blog.
Why I start writing? Because I learn English and I think this is good idea write blog for English. I can't English very good. I learn English six years, but don't intensively. Now I learn more.

I endeavour write correctly, but I often make mistakes.

I'm going to write often...
I'll write one note of the month.
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