2007-09-29 @ 08:59:51
Hello! I got up at 7.30 and then I had breakfast. My mum is cooking. I am writing a formal letter about job for school English. In this letter I have to apply for a job. After we wrote informal letter to a friend about a trip.
I am with Sylwia and Klaudia at the same group at English school. I am very delighted with it.
Yesterday during the SIM I met new people: Kaśka R, Justyna N., Patrycja, Kaśka F.
Take care everybody! Kisses:* http://digart.img.digart.pl/data/img/6/4/miniaturki400/1150206.jpghttp://digart.img.digart.pl/data/img/16/1/miniaturki400/1148632.jpg
One day we will die.
2007-09-26 @ 16:20:43
Hello!!! In one hour I am going with my mum to my school. Every student must go with his parent. The meeting will be about uniforms. Uniforms- it sounds awful.
When I put powder on my face the injuries are queit small and latent. I am delighted with it.
I recomend two things.
At first Course Be inspired from "Rzeczpospolita". I know that many people form this site wrote the mature. The course is very good. I learnt about 12 words in English during the learning. I must say that this words are very orginary but I don't know them erlier.
At the second English course is form CNL. It is a televison. The key words is very easy but I don't know every from them. It is at 8.40 every day. 2day I could watch it because the 3 first lessons were called of( I don't know that is "called of" is good word in this meaning "odwołać".)

Tomorrow I have English test at school. I hope that I will get good mark( only 5 or 6 but of course 6 is the best) I must go to meeting.
Bye and see ya Isa and Maritka. Thank everybody for comments.
The best regards.:*
Books and a dog.
2007-09-25 @ 18:58:53
The next day is passing. Weronika's dog bit me on my face. :( I hope that injuries will heal very fast.
After school I went to the library. I borrowed 2 books: "Alchemik" and "Tabu". "Alchemik" is a very popular book but I have never heard about "Tabu". Today Michalina visited me as well. We did homework. By the way I love dogs. I don't know why Sara bit me.
I must go. Taka care everybody, especially Isabelitka and Maritka.
See you!!! Oh correct my mistakes.
Collection and nice...
2007-09-23 @ 16:05:23
Hello. I think that we save even much money during the collection. :) I am not in moody to write something. :*
Stupid Girl .
2007-09-22 @ 17:29:58
Hello! My second post today. I feel good.
i will watch Jak oni śpiewają. I am stupid, stupid when I watch this kind of programmes.
Diuring the weeks I don't watch TV. I have time but I don't feel like it. I am glad because I learnt English. I copy Cogito form 2005 year only editorials about English. I learn very slow. I know I am fod of it.

http://i.wp.pl/a/f/jpeg/18437/JOS_odc_II_0545.jpegIt is nice to see nice things.Kisses:*
2007-09-22 @ 13:29:21
Hello! i have good day today. I will learn Maths, English, Biology and Polsih today. I am reading Diary of drug addict. It is moving book. My second book about a drug addiction. Now I undrestand that everyone drug addict starts by the first shot. That addiction causes fear, helplessness, solitude and in the end death.

I must study German but on my own I can not.
Take care.
Joanna :-)http://thecrow.blox.pl/resource/smutek38.jpg
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