2007-08-31 @ 18:46:50
♥♥ Sorry for my previous post. Yesterday I felt awful. My head was painful, my nose and eyes too. I couldn't see anything. I don't know why. Maybe I was sitting to long in front of computer, but I did it only about 2 hours. I had slept at 9 and woke up at 7. During the day I slept 2 hours. I often go to bed about 11.30 in holiday. Of course during the school years I go to bed about 10.30 pm. Now I feel my head a little. Consequently I want to write something in my blog. In last days I studied a lot English, only English. I feel like doing it. Maybe that is the reason why I felt bad. I lernt to much. Today I will leran nothing. I think so. Obeviously I will go to blogs.
Take care everybody. LOts of kisses:
2007-08-28 @ 20:56:42
Today is the last Tuesday when we have holiday. It is sad in one side but in the other side I feel that school is so as to teach us. That day I watched High School Musical. I think it is good film for people under 20. But in my opinion Vanessa Anne Hudgens has amazing and extreme voice, especially in her song from her album such us: "Angel", "Promise", "Drive", "Say ok". She sings classical pop that we want to listen to lastly. Among the r'n'b, rap and hip-hop we look for melodious songs with easy lyrics. I can observe it in the world's show bussines. For example Rihanna. She sings pop music. Only her first CD "Music of the Sun" refers with music for her native country-Barbados. "Umbrella" is very popular song which has the one of first places in Billboard in the USA. I admit that people are fed up with acute, sharp rap and r&b. I feel the same. I like r&b, but only when the song is quiet melodious. Rihanna is young vocalist who agrees with her menagers'opinion. The elder singers want to create something alone without their menagers, such as beyonce.

Unfortunately I must represent my class in a school celebration. It will last from 8. 40 to about 13.00. It is pitty. Luckily I will be there with two others classmates. I learn only English during this week. I feel that I like it. Maybe it could be my passion.
http://tn3-1.deviantart.com/300W/fs6.deviantart.com/i/2005/108/6/a/NeverMeantToBreakYourHeart_by_larafairie.jpgA lot of kisses:-**:-))
2007-08-26 @ 18:02:37
Hello everyone!!!
The next day is passing.
Thanks for comments.

The holiday will finish soon. I like when I sit on my armchair with a cup of coffee or tea and I study something, for example history.
It is strange for many people but I love it, especially when the weather is windy and cold.
Soon this moments will happen. :-) Certainly I love summer as well. I prefer go to swimming pool and to the forest. As I said in former posts I love the country, nature and silence, calm.
I am a diffrent person. Because many my mates like loud parties and mélanges.
I want to write more but I don't know what it could be.

To Eliie: It is good idea to write some story. Erlier I thought that you want to write this in Polish but now I is evident that you want to write in English.
I see point in doing that. If I start I will improve my language.
When I write my blog posts I don't use new words. Thank you I start to employ new expressions, espaecially in comments for you.
I will know new vocabulary when I read your posts. They are very intersting.

Do you know Mica Paris. She is a host of what not to wear? She has lovely voice., especially in her to songs: "stay" and "one".
I did not find the videoclips with the songs but I found that clip. what do you think about she?
Mica Paris On my temptation
..::Hello friends::..
2007-08-25 @ 12:30:34
Thanks everybody for the comments. It is nice to see them. :-)

Today I will meet Magda - my mate from the same class. I don't know what will we do. She wants to go over river for the walk, but I want to meet her at her home. She often talks to me by gg and wants to meet me.

The next hot day, 2day. My mum is cookig dinner. And I like when my mum does something.
Unluckily I must do almost everything. Yesterday I vacuumed, cleaned house, washed the clothes and many other things. When I went to bed I felt completely tired and exhausted.
But I was happy and cheerful. :-) And it was the most important thing. I feel good when I could help.
Diffrent seasons.
I prefer winter. And you? What season do you like? summer or winter?
See you! A lot of kisses:-**
The funny kiss for all.
2007-08-23 @ 08:53:43
Hi everybody.
This week and the next I am having exercises to improving my eyesight. I wear glasses and it is not good for me, but I don't moan.
recently I have listened many new songs, for example More Than a Woman by Aliyah and made by jamie scott. They are queit good songs.
I think that I write down my the best singers.
1. Beyonce;
2. Mariah Carey;
3. Jennifer Lopez;
4. Rihanna;
5. Whitney Houston;
6. Amerie.
And my fovourite performings are:
1. Listen;
2. Without you;
3. Kobieta jest jak księżyc;
4. Still in love; Irreplaceable;
5. Fighter;
6. Goog girl gone bad; Shut up and drive;
7. Love don't cost a thing.

Step up.
2007-08-20 @ 21:52:36
Today I watched step up(taniec zmysłów).
I think it is amazing film about love, two diffent worlds, dance and dreams.
It is great movie. There we have two diffrent characters: Tyler and Nora. He lives in poor district but she goes to expensive school-art school. He doesn't have a good future, she wants to be a professional dancer. She needs a partner to dance for the biggest show of the year and she sees a boy working off his community service time at her school showing some of his dance moves off to a friend. He dances very good. When her partner Andrew is injured, she asks Tyler if he will practice with her until Andrew is better. At last they practise both. But no everything goes good. Andrew feels better and wants to dance. She must decide. Nora doesn't know what she wants.
Unfortunetly Tyler abandons her, Andrew too because his ankle isn't good. When the shows time comes she doesn't have a partner and she must dance alone. In last moment Tyler appears and he wants to dance with her. She agres.
And we have the end. They dance together and they go to dance team.

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