2007-12-31 @ 08:46:34
Hello I want to say about Esmee. She is a young singer who arise by YouTube. She has placed her performances on this site. Justin Timberlake noticed her there and proposed her a track and record her albums. She is traveling and meeting new people connected with music. I mean with record companies. I wish her the best. please listen to her songs.

Bye:* and please listen to that.
I come back
2007-12-28 @ 09:44:35
Now I am learning English. I say myself that I must do it. I am learning from New Headway(grey). I noticed that many people use the color of a book to know what does that book like.
I wrote ages ago. I got many presents: about 6 books, the perfume, sweets, peeling, shampoo, 2 necklaces.
I don't want to back to school but I only come back for 10 days. Why? Because the winter break in my preovince starts about 14th of January. :-)
New Years Party is going. where will I go- I don't know yet. But I would like to stay at home and have a fun with my friend.*
2007-12-23 @ 14:29:49
Tomorrow I am going to my grandmother's.
I suppose I will have some books with me there. Why? I have many tests and learning and I think that I will not do everything.
What's more? Today I went to the church and I was sleeping. I am tired but I know why.
I bought presents and tidied up my room. Everything is ready. I must pack my things and create wishes. I want to know what to say during sharing the wafer.
I suppose that I will not write more posts before Christmas.
So I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Lots of kisses:*:* Bye:*
Nice pictures for You.[
2007-12-22 @ 17:08:40
I have recently listened many Christmas Songs.
I think the reason why I like this kind of music now is evident.
I want to write some titles.
The first Christmas Song by Ashanti and or by Celine Dion. They sing the same song .
( Frank Sinatra sang this song as well and I suppose he is a original performer)
Let it Snow and Jingle Bells by Frank Sinatra
White Christmas by Michael Buble
Last Christmas by Wham
Silent Night by Nat King Cole
This Christmas by Chris Brown.
Today I went shopping. I was buying things which are necessary during the Christmas.
I am having nice days. Oh I like it. I like when I can do what I want to do. I must not learn and think about school. I can lie down on the bed and do nothing.
On Christmas Day I’ll go to my grandmother’s. I will stay there 2 days.
The best regards for
2007-12-21 @ 14:36:32
Writing on this blog is so marvelous. I have decorated the Christmas tree with my sister. I wasn’t at school today. Why? Because I want to have one free day after many hard days. The last week before Christmas has been being difficult. Oh my God. But I have one very strange new. Yesterday I had a test from Biology about a cell. During this my classmate vomited. It could be normal because it happens sometimes. Unfortunately he have drunk alcohol after a lesson. During the break he had behaved very stupid. He got drunk.
This event disqualify my class form school trips. The headmaster was worked up.
But I have nice news too.:)
So I have bought presents for my family.
I purchased a ornamental plate for my mum.
I bought a notebook, the roses which cause a lather, a green candle in a shape of a flower, sweets for my sister. For my dad I bought a book called Król Salomon. It is about wealth.
I want to read new books in this Christmas.
Kisses:* especially for
2007-12-19 @ 11:58:15
It is nice to write something down again. I am at school now because I am having IT lesson instant of Physics. Today I have had a test of Chemistry and tomorrow I will have a test from Biology. I will not go to English today. I must learn Biology. I don’t feel very good. I have stomachache.
Christmas is going but I don’t feel it because of many tests. My mum went to my grandmother’s to Siedlce. Most of my family lives there. On Thursday or on Friday I will decorate a Christmas tree. I have liked it since I was a small girl. On Friday will buy presents.
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