Save all my love for you!!!!
2007-11-22 @ 15:00:08
I must admit that I don't write anything on my blog. I used to writing sth nearly 4 days a week.
I realize that I really like Marta and some boys. I simply like them. I can talk to them without the limitation and it is good. I don't like English now. I am afraid that I will like this language during the next holiday. I suppose that I will learn it during the vacation. ;)
Now I am having more and more learning. I learnt to the history competition. Unfortunetaly I don't go to the next part of this contest but I know History from the antiquity to 1795 year. I am cherful thanks to it. :))
Kisses for Izuskkaa and Maritka.
Maritka where are you???
Rio de Janeiro
2007-11-18 @ 16:39:07
I write sth about Rio de Janeiro as homework to school. I think that I place it on my blog.

Rio de Janeiro ("River of January") is a famous place. Many people call in the second major city of Brazil. Commonly known as just Rio, the city is also nicknamed A Cidade Maravilhosa - "The Marvelous( wspaniały) City".
It is famous for its spectacular natural setting, its Carnival celebrations, samba and other music, beaches such as Copacabana and Ipanema. Rio de Janeiro has a tropical climate. The average temperature in summer reaches 40 °C and in winter 21°C - 27°C. So you can go there in every month. I suppose you know Rio by special music, carnival and beautiful beaches.
The Carnaval is an annual celebration in Brazil held 40 days before Easter and marks the beginning of Lent. Rio de Janeiro has many Carnaval choices, including the famous Escolas de Samba (Samba schools) parades in the samba drome exhibition centre and the popular 'blocos de carnaval', which parade in almost every corner of the city. People want to see those events. It could be one of the reasons why people like Rio. Rio de Janeiro is in among the biggest cities in South America. People from all over Brazil and from all parts of the world come to Rio to take part and witness(świadek) the events. The Carnival brings a lot of people, good food and of course the Samba dance. Apart from the Carnival, New Year is also a big deal in Rio and is also one of the other major festivals.
I think that most of people want to have a fun during their holiday. Rio also has one of the world's most talked-about nightlife. Rio has a lot of nightclubs where the rich enjoy themselves and party the night away.
The beaches in and around Rio de Janeiro are probably some of the most famous in the world today. I want to say something about the most popular.
The first – Copacabana. If you will draw up a list of the top 10 most famous beaches around the world to visit, Copacabana would be high up on that list. Copacabana has over 4kms of pristine( pierwotny) , spotless (nieskazitelność) , wide white sand to relax on
Ant the second- - Ipanema. Ipanema exhibits the most beautiful beach in the world. It is famously known for its elegance and social qualities( towarzyskie cechy) . I think that people would like go to Rio because they like sport. MotoGP Brazilian Grand Prix and the World Beach volleyball finals are very popular among the sport supporters. Sports are a very popular pastime in Rio de Janeiro. The most popular is (soccer). That city is home to five traditional Brazilian football clubs: America, Botafogo, Flamengo, Fluminense and Vasco.
There are many hotels. From 72 uSD you can stay in 3stars hotels for example in Ibiza Copacabana Hotel, Copacabana Praia Hotel.
2007-11-13 @ 20:49:08
I have good time. Tommorow I am visiting the doctor. I know when November passes I will have more time. What I like is the fulfilment.
I must feel good with myself and with things which I did.
I sometimes feel that I do everything by wrong way.
I love planning and dreaming.
My mate lost. Now we know where is she. It was a little dangerous.
I must finish the post. I must do my homework. ;-)
See you Izuskkaa and Maritka.
Thanks Maritka for the nice comment.
Take care, girls
2007-11-07 @ 21:33:05
Now I am taking to a friend of mine by GG.
Tomorrow I will have a test from Chemistry.
I had a lesson at languagee school. By the way I have English or German lesson every day without Thursday. When I come back home I feel exhousted. With a course book I have very good CD with practises and languages games.
One girl attends to my group. She can talk in English as I don't know how. She is very very very very good. She takes part in competition in comprehensive school. I suppose that she will go to next part this cometition. Do you can imagine that nobody in my group doesn't know a word workout????? Only me. It is funny.
Several good news.
To begin with I want to say that I can win a contest about Żeby Polska była Polską. There contestants spoke poems. Competitors were not good. I hope that I can win it. Of course in this cometition there are several first places. =) So... And the second news... I am in the next stage from geography contest. It is nice.
Edyta Gorniak.
2007-11-04 @ 19:56:07
I really like Edyta Górniak. I think she really can sing. She doesn't pretend that she sings. Today I watched her performings on Eurovison in 1994. She is talented and she has an amazing voice. What I like is her song- To nie ja byłam Ewą( To nie ja). Now I want to buy her new album E*K*G. She is my fovourite polish singer.

When I see her from previous years when the polish situation was not good and she was very young I imagine how the Poland looked like. I was very small in 94' I only remember 97 or 98 year. The cities and villages was a bit another. Maybe not a bit. Everything was another. She looks modest and the stage was modest. So I finish my post. I will watch The dance with stars. I like Ania Guzik and Justyna Steczkowska.
Bye! Sweet dreams.
2007-11-01 @ 21:49:36
Hello I see that Maritka and Isabelitka write the blogs. I did not do it. I don't know why. Because I have stayed in front of computer frequently. So... Nth special has happend. I love English and German. In that free days I am a little bored. Tommorow I am going to shops. ;-) Subsequently I will learn. I suppose.
I have problems with Chemistry. I don't understand exercises. I hope that I will go to someone who will help me.
I have recently read Jedenaście Minut by P.Coleho. It is a wonderful book.
The books that I read written by Coelho:
-Być jak płynąca rzeka
-Weronika postanawia umrzeć
-Czarownica z Portobello
-Jedenaście Minut
I am into that books now. Maybe I will change my fovourites authors soon but not now. I must read every book by this author ;-) :)))
See you!!!
I promise I will wrtite more often.
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