2007-10-19 @ 18:30:49
Hi! Today is the best day from all days in a week. I am exhousted because I have backed home in a minute. Erlier I had German lesson. I love this language.
At school.
Today I got very good marks: 6 from English test and 6 from Technical Education. I am very cheerful and deligted with the marks.
At the moment I am having no idea to write.
So I finish the post.
See you, Maritka. You only read my posts. I think so. Maybe someone else.
2007-10-18 @ 18:19:57
Hello! I appear again. I must admit I had no time to writing or I had no idea to writing.
I love German. It is really a good language.
Our concert was very fantstic. We saved a good outlay(sum).
I have small problem with Phisic. I don't know how to count evercises. Tomorrom I will have a test from Polish( Grammar only;( ). yyy I must learn;(( but I am not in a moody.
I don't know to write else.

http://www.tukobi.pl/systemcms/szkola.jpgschool only???? No I spend time at langage's school.
I have recently met very brilliant girl. She is 17. She is in SIM and in my English group. It means I knew her about 1 mounth ago. but I wonder that she is drug addict. One day I saw her in grono. now I can not find her there. But erlier I read in her profile something about drugs. So I don't know. I reckon that she is not.
Kisses for Maritka. Thanks for this comments.
..... time ....
2007-10-12 @ 20:04:01
Hello everybody. I don't know what to say.
This weekand will be longer because monday is free. :-) It is brilliant because I will have day to relaxing. Today I had the second my German lesson. It is very interesting language. Today I saw Dirty Dancing 2 as well. It is queit good film.
A friend of mine said me that I have no time for myself. She had to kidding. Why? Because I have time. I must admit that Sunday is a day for resting. And one small issue I don't need a long time to learn school subjects. Maybe you also thing that I have no free time. My marks: they are very very good better than previous school year. What is the reason? I thing that the learning is easier for me. Moreover I learn something it is easier for me. I think about the third language, It could be French. Maybe Italian. But I want to study it in High school. I must master German and English. ;-)I must finish my post because the debate between Kaczyński and Tusk are starting.
Volontuary work and concert. :)))
2007-10-09 @ 17:07:24
Hello! My volontuary work is really nice. SIM organizes the rock concert. It is our first venture. We hope that everything will be good. I must announce that it is the charitable concert. I fear that people will not go. The admission is not free of course because we save money to poor people. The occasion is Days of the Hunger and Poverty. The admission will cost 2zł. We will pass on this money to very poor people from our city.
In my previous post I wrote about my English group. Now I am in another. The level is a bit higher so I have this book. :)) I must learn more than in erlier year. But If I cannot do something I must reveal myself that I am weak. So I can do everything.
I have no time to leaving comments. Fortunately I will learn German. I will have lessons on Wednesday and on Friday. So I am so sorry. But I try to do it.
The best regards. Lots of kisses for Maritka and Isa and everybody. :*=* http://digart.img.digart.pl/data/img/79/12/miniaturki400/1176161.jpgOh my God I love this countryside and every like that. ;-)
2007-10-08 @ 13:58:54
We don't understand texts from our book. For the next lesson we have to write CV. We had books called Straight Forward - upper intermediete. Infortunately my group is intermediete. During the next lesson we will have another books. In my group are people who are 17 and my classmete Sylwia and her sister she is 15) I must admit I am ver glad of it that I am in the high group. In next I could be in upper intermediet really. I know that I am not very good in English. But I promise in this year I will learn more English than in previous years.
I am writing this post during the lesson.
Good day. Kisses:*:*
2007-10-05 @ 22:43:46
Hello friends! Now without Isa there is boring and sad. Do you? I remember Majka, she disappered suddenly. :(
Today I was in SIM( Stowarzyszenie Instruktorów Młodzieżowych) and in my English lesson at language's school. We got books Upper-intermediete and of course nobody understand our teacher.
Sweet dreams!!!!
And sorry for mistakes. I don't check it.
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