I am writing again
2008-04-16 @ 18:22:44
Hello!! I have not written there for a long time.
My life has changed a lot.
At first:
-I met French boy. Unfortunately he is younger than me :P I will go to him in October.
- I have lessons with director of my hometown's theater. Now I have only several meeting but he said that I can cooperate with him for a long time ;)
- I have started learning Russian.
- I am a very happy girl.

I wonder who writes there from old bloggers. :)

So what that he's youngest...the most importatnt is think that you love him and he love you:)
I love him from another side. :)
Well... let's think who... oh, it would be me! ;D But there are some others as well. How are you?
If you love him, age is unimportant! I wish you good luck :)
Omg Russian:D? interesting;]
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