2008-01-11 @ 15:46:55
Why I have not written anything?? Becuase I was lazy. But now I am writing. Today the break is starting. On Sunday I am going to some very nice place with my family.
And nothing. I feel that I can write down more. Why? becuase I think that I can't. So


Hi there my friend
Saying "the break" you mean "ferie zimowe"??If so you're lucky now:)I wish to have the break and the holiday but when you start to work you can forget about this kind of things unfortunately. And when I gone to school I didnt preciate as I should that I had the holiday , the free time for free:)). Now I will give you much for that free time...
Have a great time!!!
And tell us how there will be
Oh !! You 're lucky! I have winter break on 26th January. I'm looking forward to it:):) Kisses :)
I have winter break on 26th January too. It's fuuny, because when your break is going to end my break is going to start :D
masz moze czas aby pomoc mi z angola
hey! That's me again. How have you been recently? I hope the break was fine or even more - great :) And that you have rested.
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hey beautiful blog :*
i'm new blogger
you visit to me blog ?
you aren't lazy, you are very hard-working person, you wrote so many posts, I'm lazy, I haven't been writting for few months :)by the way very nice logo.
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