Hello everyone :)
2008-12-05 @ 21:45:17
I haven't written for a long time. I'd like to write something interesting but I don't know what it should be.

When I compare my old posts with my present skills I see a quite big progress in my learning English.
Tomorrow - 6 December I wish you nice gifts from Father Christmas ;)
See ya
I do hope I will write some posts in near future.
I am writing again
2008-04-16 @ 18:22:44
Hello!! I have not written there for a long time.
My life has changed a lot.
At first:
-I met French boy. Unfortunately he is younger than me :P I will go to him in October.
- I have lessons with director of my hometown's theater. Now I have only several meeting but he said that I can cooperate with him for a long time ;)
- I have started learning Russian.
- I am a very happy girl.

I wonder who writes there from old bloggers. :)
2008-01-11 @ 15:46:55
Why I have not written anything?? Becuase I was lazy. But now I am writing. Today the break is starting. On Sunday I am going to some very nice place with my family.
And nothing. I feel that I can write down more. Why? becuase I think that I can't. So

I am going to school in 5 minutes
2008-01-04 @ 07:08:29
So In 5 minutes I must go out.I don't know what write.
At school everything is OK. My mum went to my grandmother's. I must end.Bye:*
Kisses for:
After New Year's Party.
2008-01-01 @ 09:21:06
Hello everyone!
Why am I writing so early? I went to bed about 1 am. It is early I know. I am not complaining. We were watching TV early before 0.00. We were watching POLSAT, TVP 1 and TVP 2 and TVN nearly at the same time but I prefer POLSAT.
Tomorrow I must go to school. That sound awful. I must do my homework for tomorrow's
So I am ending. I place pictures with Esmee. http://www.esmeedentersfan.nl/esmee_denters_concert_close.jpghttp://www.gelderlander.nl/multimedia/archive/00418/EsmeeDenters_418719h.jpghttp://hometown.aol.com/Rebuketheworld/esmee.jpghttp://www.kollermedia.at/wp-content/themes/kollermedia/images/news/esmeedenters2.jpg
2007-12-31 @ 08:46:34
Hello I want to say about Esmee. She is a young singer who arise by YouTube. She has placed her performances on this site. Justin Timberlake noticed her there and proposed her a track and record her albums. She is traveling and meeting new people connected with music. I mean with record companies. I wish her the best. please listen to her songs.

Bye:* and please listen to that.
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