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2008-03-28 @ 14:47:13
Diana Spencer was born in 1961 into aristocratic family. She becamea very popular person when she met prince Charls. They married on July 29th 1981 in St.Pauls Cathedral in London. Half bilion people watched it in TV. They had two sons: William and Harry. Although Diana loved her husband, he spent a lot of time, with his friend Camilla Parker Bowles. And that led to Diana and Charl's public divorce in 1996. She was still a member of the Royal family. Diana put all of her energy into two sons and charity work. She raised money and talked about problems of people who were poor and seriously ill e.g. Aids. She paid attenion to homelles people and the problem of landmines. She was loved by people and called by them:
"The Queen of people's harts". Unfortunately, she died in a car accident in Paris in 1997.

Diana Spencer been beautiful, nice, friedly and intelligent Queen of people's harts!

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