Spring ; p
2011-03-22 @ 20:32:49
I love the spring.
For every day
There's something new
That's come to stay.
Another bud
Another bird
Another blade
The sun has stirred ; )

The whole world is good... only I'm bad
2011-03-14 @ 21:34:54
Serious, today I have a good day until now. I hate some people. Why some people can be so CRUEL.. Why some people do not understand me...

I'm a normal girl, young teenager and I haven't problems.
Sometimes I feel if I were strange, closest friends treat me as a child. But I know that isn't true.

I have bad day and I must have write this post.
Spring ; )
2011-03-05 @ 17:37:42
It is best season, because everyone waiting for the first sunlight. Today the weather was really very good, you could feel the incoming spring. The flowers slowly bloom and the birds singing. You just want to live ; ).

I like flowers because it have a lot of colours.
They can cheer up everybody and they are magical.
My second post.
2011-03-04 @ 20:50:42
My name is Asia and I'm 18 years old. I living in Silesia and I'm here very happy. It's beautiful place in the world. Really, I don't lie. Here I have a lot of animals. My favourite is my little cat, his name is Misi, cute he? Well.. recently I have a horses, his color is dark brown. I love her. It's very friendly and mild. I think Gaja (this is her name) didn't hurt anyone.

Hey ; )
2011-03-02 @ 17:45:17
It is my first blog post. I want to learn English, but alone I can't. It is to difficult for me. Well.. maybe when I will write this blog I learn something. I hope that it will be. Maybe if anyone reading this post not remain indifferent.
I want very much learned English, then I am counting on your help.
I will write every day blog post,hoping to learn something.
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